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I get it. There are a ton of programs out there claiming to cure your well-being, change your life, reprogram your mind, and make you some miracle financial maven. This program isn't one of them. Inside are suggestions, habit building strategies, tools, and exercises that I have personally used to create a healthier lifestyle. I'm a guide, but you're the real "miracle" worker doing the effort — remember that.


If you're feeling stuck, or you feel like you need to just clean off your life plate a little bit, this program is perfect for you.

  • In the first week, we're going to break down detoxing, and this has nothing to do with juices! Detoxing is getting rid of the things you don't need. 

  • In the second week, we're focusing on connection, how our mindset impacts our choices and physical well-being.

  • In the third week, we get into nourishing. We start to add things in and after we're clear on what we want to connect to. 

  • In the fourth week, we're focusing on living free and what the definition of freedom is for you, and how to continue that into the future. 

But, does this work?


I can honestly share, I've been there, I've done this too. Myself and other warriors are living proof that you can to always believe in yourself to achieve.


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Welcome! Thanks for being here:


Welcome! I'm Sara, an actress, artist, host, filmmaker, creative director, author and well(th)being entrepreneur. I'm a big believer, educator and storyteller of the power of determination, resilience, redemption and creating the life you desire.

I grew up learning business from my family's ski business, overcame personal health struggles, including a cancer diagnosis at the age of 19, and later choose a BFA degree in advertising and design in college. After years in corporate America, I took a turn to start a self-employed health journey through yoga and well-being.

With over 10 years of teaching and leading fitness, I came back to creative as a producer of digital media, launching Live Free Media, LLC., while simultaneously acting in short and feature films. I now own and operate three brands, including Warrior University, with a passion to inspire and empower others to live their best life through education and storytelling.

As I changed careers and lifestyles, I had friends and family coming to me asking "How did you do that!?" regarding their well-being, creative projects and business endeavors. School and college taught me some skills, no doubt. But the majority of what I've learned? Real life academy. That's what Warrior University is about, without having to rack up the semesters of debt.

Come for one course, and we hope you enroll for them all — the community of Warrior University Rebels is here to support your personal WELLth journey and see you thrive!

Thanks for being here.

x Sara

Sara Quiriconi

Founder & Creator

Course Outline


    1. Welcome to this Course!

    2. About This Program (Read this first!)

    3. How to Succeed In This Program

    4. About the 9 Day Detox Yoga Series (Included)

    5. Emotions & Energetics of Food

    6. What are some Superfoods?

    7. How Balanced Is Your Life Right Now? DOWNLOAD "Live Free Circle Of Life"

    1. Day 2 DETOX Lesson

    2. Day 2 YOGA Practice

    1. Day 3 DETOX Lesson

    2. Day 3 YOGA Practice

    1. Day 4 DETOX Lesson

    2. Day 4 YOGA Practice

    1. Day 5 DETOX Lesson

    2. Day 5 YOGA Practice

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 70 lessons
  • 7 hours of video content